alright i know that there are some people out there that say that a sonic stomp (maximizer pedal) is a waste and get a better amp (not an option as i like my amps overall feel and punch) . But I was looking for that little extra umph in my tone and a guy told me to try the sonic stomp. I did (ebay for 65.00) and i placed it at the end of my fx chain. I was amazed at the ability to clean up my tone and give it some punch.

Here me out tone is subjective to the player. I play metal (death and other variations) and what sounds good to me may not be in the ear of others and vise versa. PERSONALLY what it did for me was not actually give me more gain as i originally wanted but actually allowed me to back off of the gain and fill out overall frame of my tone.

Anyway not sure how it works but for me and what i play it does more than i expected. My question to the brethren is this....

Have you tried one and what did you think and did you ever buy a piece of gear on a whim and have been blown away by it?
i have owned one for a year or so now. i absolutely loved it right when i plugged it in. i use it on the valveking and it really works wonders.
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Nicer amps tend not to benefit from them, but they can be a decent addition to some rigs. They seem to be more effective with higher gain amps in my experience.

It's like a compressor pedal, some people swear that they sound ten times better with one, and for some people it's not worth the extra pedal space and white noise. It's very rig-specific and there's no right or wrong, but it is funny to see people argue about it.
I love my sonic stomp! Probably my favorite pedal. I use it on the crunch and lead channels of both my Egnater Tourmaster and Mesa Dual Rec. It makes gives both amps that extra umph and makes it feel punchier and tighter. I felt like my tone was heavier with less gain which was awesome! But I love having the sonic maximizer in the pedal version because I personally think it takes away from my clean tones and with the pedal all I have to do is turn it off.
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I've never used one, but I've read that they add a lot "punch" to someone playing metal.

Vintage tube cleans? Sonic Maximizer isn't for you though.

Makes sense to me.
they've cut me out of the mix in band situations. sounded like mid-scooping compression to me. not my thing


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got it home today and have not stopped tinkering with it. love this thing to be honest. but does anyone know how it exactly works?
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got it home today and have not stopped tinkering with it. love this thing to be honest. but does anyone know how it exactly works?
From what I have heard, it takes a tiny little it longer for bass to leave the speaker then the highs. This pedal fixes that.

Never tried one though I hope to add one to my rig some time this fall
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