I am looking for some help and advice on my next guitar purchase. Currently I am in the market for purchasing a new guitar. After a great bit of research on my own I have narrowed things down to two options.

*Gibson SG Special (Worn Brown or White) - $700
*Schecter Omen 6 (Gloss White) -$300

Here is a little more info that might help.
I've been playing for two years.
I mostly play hard rock, metal, and occasionally blues.

Here are my pros and cons:
The Schecter is cheaper however I am considering putting EMGs into it at some point if I buy it.
The Gibson is pricier however I would be willing to make the investment since I know it is something I will use for a long time. Also, the neck on the Gibson is not quite as good for speed playing as the Schecter.

Things I would like to know are:
Would putting EMG's into an Omen 6 be a good idea?
Is there a way to get a smoother neck for speed playing on the SG?
Overall what would you suggest?

Amp: Peavey Vypyr 75

Thanks for the help.