dreadnought guitar vs jumbo.....41 inch jumbo (example:Epiphone EJ-200)is bigger than 41 inch dreadnought......?? size different only 1/2 inch ?
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Jumbo guitars tend to have a slightly wider body and a rounder shape than dreadnoughts. Here's a side-by-side pic of a Martin D-18, the classic dreadnought, and a Gibson J-200, the classic jumbo:

IMHO, jumbos sound a lot more resonant and bassy, and I find them more comfortable to hold. I'll see if I can find a couple good YouTube videos to give you a better idea of the sound.

EDIT: I couldn't find any demo videos I particularly liked, so I'll just pick a couple random tracks off my iPod -- "Teach Your Children" (dreadnought) and "Lucky Man" (jumbo). Hardly a perfect comparison, but eh, great songs and they've got two of the same chords
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the volume also different right?
if dreadnought volume is 7/10
then jumbo guitar volume is ???/10
^ Not necessarily. Volume and projectoin depend on how the guitar is built. Not it's shape, necessarily. I've played a few high end concert guitars that were louder than a lot of lower priced dreadnoughts.
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Back when I started playing, all the "good" acoustic pickers locally were in two camps. Martin or Guild. Martin dreads were very popular, but quite a few guys liked the big Guilds as well.
I always found the Guilds to be rather bass-y, as noted above.
Martins vary a lot from model to model. I had a D-18, and it had a very balanced sound. However I played several older D-28s and even a D-35 that had a very different tone...Leaning strongly to the bass.
I recall reading somewhere that many acoustic pickers preferred the less-expensive D-18 for recording because of it's superior balance, while they liked the rosewood models for live playing as they "cut through" the typical string-band ensemble.

Hehe....I had to give up big guitars because of my aging shoulders... I play a little Yamaha "O" sized instrument now.