So i play a lot of punk rock and metal ( metallica , megadeth , slayer , iron maiden ) and lots of punk rock like Nofx , green day , blink 182 . I like fast palm muting riffs .

I was in the market for a new guitar ( like ESP ) when the epiphany came that my american HSS strat was more than ok for it and that its just the humbucker that his weak , i dont need a new guitar . the diamondback humbucker of the american stardart stratocaster is considered a low/medium output pickup .. ( i heard its comparable to the duncan Pearly gates ) so we could assume that the humbucker of the american standard HSS has a Dc resistance around 8.5 k .

Now i need something responsive , aggressive and something high output .. its for metal , punk rock , skate punk and palm muting riff etc.. somethign is the 16 K resistance .

But it need to be well balanced ... the duncan invader is strong way too muddy and bassy for my taste . i want punch and clarity .

1. what would you suggest for a strat ????

2. is it trouble to change a humbucker if i have the S1 switching system on my strat ???

i had my mind on the Seymour duncan Sh-15 alternative 8 but read that it wasnt responsive for tight metal riff . it was more fluid .

i also checked the SD Sh-6 distortion which seem nice and has a 16.6 k resistance .

also looked at the sh-4 Jeff beck ...

and im open to any other suggestion .

Thank you .

do you think a new pickup would improve my strat sound and bring it into the territory i want .

im a bedroom hobbyist with a Peavey vypyr 30 . ... im not using tube amp and i play my vypyr with heapdhone 90 % of the time . . If that matter .
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Go with a Duncan Distortion for a traditional-sized humbucker. Go with a Duncan Hot Rails for a single-coil sized humbucker. Both are fantastic pickups.
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Duncan Custom 5. Think of it like a JB model, only with less of an upper-mid 'ice pick' spike and clearer, less muddy bass. The DC resistance is around the 14k mark, although the actual output as it hits your amp is higher than the JB model (pro tip: DC resistance is not a very accurate indicator of output). That said, with your amp the pickups' output doesn't make any difference anyway other than to the taper rate of your guitar's volume control.
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I have the Duncan JB. Its an amazing pickup in my HSS strat for what I play(SHinedown, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Ax7 being the heaviest, as well as some classic rock). The one thing is it is kind of trebley and so is a strat, but if you can figure out how to make it work I highly suggest it. BJA from Green Day used one in his strat in early Green Day recordings and that is when GD was punk.
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