recently i started getting into steve vai's music(amazing stuff btw) and ive been hearing all the crazy things hes able to do with a floyd rose. 1 thing in particular i want to learn how to do is this

skip to 2:15 he does it from 2:16 to 2:18

anyone know how to explain what hes doing? thanks

edit: btw everyone needs to see the movie crossroads if you havent seen it yet. any movie with the karate kid having a guitar duel with steve vai needs to be seen.
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Start with a B on G string fret 16 just dive your floyd before the attack without your pick... slowly, put your ring finger on G 16 then press your floyd and release it then you do a slide from 16 to 14 press release 14\13 press release 13\11 press release 11\9 press release 9\7 !
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