Hey guys,
I'm looking to start modding my DS-1. I'm a real newbie, and am wondering about how fragile the traces are? Like should I worry about pulling them, or are they fairly durable?
dont leave the iron on the pad any longer than you have to or you'll melt the glue holding the copper to the board.

once you start wiggling the component lead out, do not push it back in or the pad will come right off.

not much else i can tell you. you just have to learn for yourself. good luck.
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from what i've experienced with cheap solder pads, even when ur pulling the lead out of the holes u need caution. the lead actually pulls the solder pad out the other way through the small hole. seriously.
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And sometimes when you do everything right the traces will still lift. These things are not made to be modded so you always have to use extreme caution. Worth doing, but just be careful.