Ok, last thread of the night, since i'm fairly bored, well, more so tonight, the few beer..Beers? I think beer sounds better...I've had are influencing my decision on this. But screw them, it's my time to shine.

Aarni, a death doom collection of sorts, completely strange death/doom, incorporating very somber passages into the depths of your soul, WHERE THIS MUSIC WILL CRUSH YOU.

Bathos and the split they did with Umbra Nihil are highly recommended, since you all like pictures, voila.

Don't be put off by the cover this time, it looks like something you drew after taking your first hit, and deciding you were bored in math class...but the photoshop job on the Aarni title will blow your mind, just look at it.

I remember hearing these guys one time. A strange trip indeed.

Will download them tonight. Since you rec. them so highly.
Philosophy > Life

What a description.

It's like

laid-back holocaust

or armageddon

or somethin'.
Philosophy > Life
Think of like, some famous dude with his trigger on the button for atomic annihlation, and he's just chillin' with specs on, and some Coors Light in his hand (Because he's too cheap, but still so cool to buy shitty beer) and he's all like, "dude, chill" and he causes the nuclear winter.


Good explanation.

Or it's like

Hitler with bud.

Just relax, guys.

It's all good.
Philosophy > Life
I think this thread will prosper, if not from the band itself, but from our wonderful descriptions. Well done, Moogle. Well done.