Hi guys,

I've been looking around on the internet and I just discovered there are Fenders made in japan. I haven't seen brand new ones though, the brand new ones are MIM.

I'm thinking of buying a secondhand one though, because they are more value for money.

Im thinking of buying this one
although it is made in japan, they might just be copies. Are they?

And do you think this guitar is OK, or does the brown pickups mean they arent good anymore?

And I'd get sloppy seconds! Probably cause I love maple fretboards so much, but if it's in good condition and not too much single coil buzz go for it
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Fender makes guitars in Mexico, Japan and America. The Mexicans are supposed to be the cheapest, Japanese are the second, and Americans are supposed to be the nicest, although many people say the Japanese are very nice. That guitar looks sexay, I'm not one for Fenders but I'd say go for it, looks good. There is nothing wrong with the pickups, the plastic may have just faded or they came that way originally. Get it!
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I'd have a MIJ over an American-made.
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I have several covering most factories. My favourite is the MIJ, its feels tighter than a nuns ****!
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I'd have a MIJ over an American-made.

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