Well I have one Jazz guitar that I use live sometimes but im still on the fence about getting arch-top guitars, like they look really good and have awesome clean tones but from what ive played the pickups are a little hot and really touchy and loud. Not too sure

Guitars in mind:
Gibson L5
Gibson ES-335
Gibson ES-137
Gibson ES-165
Gibson ES-175

Yes they are all gibson but they give me the feel and tone I like
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My very limited experience with the 335 tells me they're a much better classic rock style guitar than a jazz box.
The rest ive obviously never experienced i can only imagine Gibson would make the best quality archtops, if you have a couple o thousand free.
I'd try Haghstrom, I love the Viking line theyre excellent for jazz, alt rock and classic rock.
If you dont mind a moderately heft price tag the Gretsch cant be beaten in my opinion, they have some of the most versatile jazzboxes going around. Try the Tim Armstrong signature or Chet Atkins style guitars
Ugh, there's no such thing as a "_____" guitar, the sound the guitar makes depends on who's playing it.

.....though I'd choose the ES335, and I wouldn't mind owning one.
I use an Epiphone Wildkat and a Les Paul playing alternative style music.

The Wildkat is a hollow body with P90 pickups and sounds great. Can't use too much gain on the amp as it is easy to get unwanted feedback, but in songs with full distortion I switch to the LP anyway.

You'll love the full tone an arch top will give you, especially on "interesting" chords!
lots of guys have trouble with feedback when they load up the amp. some guys have even put clothes in the body to fight this
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Well im looking at all of those and the 335 which was meant to be a 355 (typing error). I have a pretty big price range as im working all summer so im looking for a guitar between $2,500-$4,500 as for the gretsches ive played a few of them here and there but I don't really like the feel of the neck and frets in my hand it just is not as playable as most high quality gibsons in my opinion but I still love the bigsbys on them