I need help For Suppressing The Noise and Hum From My Amp (Cube 80x) and My Effects Pedal (ME-70)

I have a Jackson RR with EMG 81 & 60 With Original Floyd Rose.. My problem is whenever i'm on OD/DS high gain there's alot of noise and humm. even when the threshold/noise suppressor is at maximum (and i don't want it cause it loose the raw tone of the sound) it does minimize the noise but there's still hummand noise on it..

Should i buy another noise gate? or my guitar is the source of the problem.. or there's no shielding at all on my guitar.. but i read that the EMG pick up shouldn't pick any noise at all.. please help.. thank you...
Well I'm not sure about technical stuff, but EMG's don't mix well with modeling amps, exactly what the Cube is. I own the 30 watt version.
Welll you might need new cables. That would be the cheapest solution. However, Boss products are known to have TONS of hum and noise, and I know from personal experience as well. Also, high gain settings are known for their noise and hum too.

First I would suggest new cables running from your guitar to your pedal, and from your pedal to your amp.
Second, maybe an ISP decimator, and just forget the noise gate on the boss.
Third, new amp. Seriously. Especially if your serious about your playing and your tone (...duh).

OH! You should also try turning the treble or hi(gh) levels down. The hiss or hum is usually in that frequency range so turning it down might help control it.
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