Some odd form of an Sg special, probably a guitar of the week
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It actually looks like a simple Alpine white Gibson SG special with a custom pick guard. doesnt actually seem that special to me. If you were to buy the materials (a big sheet of plastic with a pattern) you could fashion one your self.

It seems very simple to me but at the same time Original (I haven't seen any one put a pick guard that covers the whole face of the guitar.)

Edit: oh so it is a special edition Gibson

one could still probably fashion a pick guard themselves though.
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how much are they?

i would assume not much more than the regular sg specials since the guitar of the weeks aren't highley collectible.
Lets jump in a pool

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That may just be the ugliest SG I've ever seen...
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Isnt that the New Century? They did a les paul version, just normal with a big ass chrome pick guard.
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i've one of them seen them at steve's music store

it was the first time of my whole life i'd ever seen a guitar on the shelf for so long, they had it on the floor for about a year, last time i went there, it was still there, it was about the price of a special, but then they put it on special since noone wanted it... i think it was around 1000-1200 bucks in the end