I have a pacifica 1221 Ms with the warmouth neck and this guitar is way too bright
I have tried a SD sh-11 and a pearly gates and both are too bright, the sh-11 was a little more pleasant but still had that raspy sound. Could someone please shed some light on this for me instead of me buying and trying pickups. Any help would be appreciated thank you
can't you just like, use the middle pickup? or middle/bridge setting with slightly less tone?

it's a bit drastic replacing whole pickups when all it needs is the selector switch moved 1cm and a slight few degrees twist ont he tone knob...
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Well I could but I would not be getting the sound I want out of this guitar, I was really looking for pickup suggestions in here but thanks anyway
Amp? Playing style? Etc etc.

Though right off the bat, SD Alternative 8. It's a pretty high output pickup so it may not be suitable for your amp, but if your amp and your playing style can handle it then it may well be the pickup for you, nothing can fatten up a guitar like an over-wound Alnico VIII pickup. DiMarzio Breeds will do pretty much the same thing.

However what I would recommend is checking the control wiring of your guitar. A lot of Stratocasters are wired with the bridge pickup only going to the volume control and not a tone control at all, giving a very bright tone. Wiring the bridge pickup either to a tone control if it doesn't have one already or to a darker-toned control if it's already on one could fix your problem.

And I'm not surprised you found the Pearly Gates too bright, it's purposefully a fairly bright pickup. The CUstom Custom should have sounded alright though, it's got quite a thick tone - hence why I think your problem lies more in the volume and tone controls rather than the pickup.
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Ok a seymour said to put a 250 k pot in my guitar but they didn't specify if it was for the tone or volume and that would roll of the treble. I use a vypyr 60 and an Ampeg vl502
I don't understand how you don't like brightness, and yet you don't like the "raspy" sound. Please define raspy to me so I can understand what you're saying better.
On a Strat, you usually have 250k pots for both the volume and the tone controls. Some Strats that have humbuckers use a 500k pot for the volume or they don't connect the bridge pickup to a tone pot. Basically, open up your guitar and check what the pot values are. If need be, change all the controls to 250k pots, up the capacitors on the tone controls to 0.047uf if they aren't already and make sure the bridge pickup is connected to one of the tone controls (most people attach it to the same tone control as the middle pickup, personally I prefer to have the middle and neck pickups on one tone control and the bridge pickup on another by itself). Running a bridge humbucker through two 250k pots and a 0.047uf capacitor, there is no way that pickup could then be too bright.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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