Hi UG,

Currently i have a POD XT Live and another analog set-up(whammy, vol, wah, dist, od, chorus and delay).

I use my POD XT Live if many different sound is required of my set list (2 different delay needed in one song etc.)

The thing is, PODXTL is way too heavy to travel around with and i am currently thinking of selling it off as well as my analouge pedals and move to a M9 + good dist pedal + whammy(already have) set up.

Reason for getting an additional dist pedal is that i read the downside of M9 pedal is the inferior distortion patches.

I hardly ever use my podxtlive for recording, thus no use for amp simulation.

Is it recommendable? Any advise?
Buy individual stomp boxes. I sold my gt-10 for kinda the same reasons. Now I just stick a bad monkey pedal in my guitar case with the adapter. No fuss necessary.