I found this Fender MiM HSS strat on CraigsList, I'm wondering if this would be a good buy for the price. He wants $275, I'm going to see how low he'll go, my first offer will be $200, cash in hand.. Really persuades people.

I'm guessing, though, he'll want like $250 for it. Is that a decent price? I'm pretty sure no case is included.

Here's the link to it: http://nh.craigslist.org/msg/1785916051.html

I've been GASing lately for a HSS strat, I don't know why. I've always wanted a Strat, just for fun, but I'm not too big a fan of single coils, so I figured I'd go for a HSS.

This seems pretty cool. Looks rather nice. I'd prefer a maple fingerboard but hey, rosewood isn't bad.

Any advice is pretty awesome.

I play a lot of metal, but I'm not restricted to that. I do a lot of clean stuff, a lot of the time I don't use a lot of distortion/overdrive, just sorta mess around, I think a HSS strat would really fit me here.. Would it?

Obviously the amp I'm using is my Crate V50, sometimes I use my DS-1 for heavier distortion.

I could always, if I had cash later on, buy a new set of pickups or a pre-wired pickguard.

Also, I'd most likely hardtail this guitar, throw a piece of wood into the trem cavity. Just saying.
go for it man if thats what you really want, personally i hate fenders and i mean i ****ing hate them i dunno why, i guess cuz they look stupid to me but hey thats my opinion. But anyways if u really want it go for it, if not then you can save up for another guitar.
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I'm not a big fan myself, honestly, but I've never really had the chance to sit down and really get the feel for one, I can get past the looks (I don't like it when it's a rosewood fingerboard.. It looks so much better with maple) and hopefully it'll sound nice.
yea i mean go and try it out, see how it sounds i agree with the looks thing to because ****, look at evh, he ****ed his guitar up and got one of the most well known and best sound(some people think) out there. And its hella ****ed up, but guitar is about the sound, unless your in a hair metal band or some shit like that. lol.
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