I traded my Jackson DXMG for a newer DXMGT, now just traded that for a JS30WR (I know, kinda weird and bass-ackwards, huh?). I didn't like dealing with the Floyd Rose on the DXMG and the newer DXMGs have different types of wood for the body and sound like crap.

I just set up the JS30 (black/chrome hardware) for drop tunings. I swapped out the Jackson CVR2 in the bridge for one of my HZ-H3s out of the DXMGT and still have the other Jackson 'bucker in the neck. I don't like the sound of the H3 in general but want to stick with EMGs.

I also have an LTD EC-1000 with an 81/60 setup. I play a lot of hardcore/metalcore/thrash and use a 5150 212 combo with no effects. I'm thinking about switching to black hardware and Schaller locking tuners and getting active EMGs. I want something that is still fat in the neck and good for rhythm like the 60 but I REALLY don't like the 85 and I can't place why. I'm thinking about doing an 81 (bridge) and a 58 (neck). I don't know of anyone that has experience with an EMG 58, but if you have any input about it, feel free to add.

My price range is looking to be around 250-300 for everything. I'm open to any/all suggestions (no, don't say 'just get a different guitar for how much you're gonna spend'. I fell in love with this guitar. It reminds me of my pre-Fender Rhoads for some very strange reason).

Additionally, if anyone knows a good way to make the string channels deeper/wider in a nut without breaking it, please let me know because I use Ernie ball 11/54 sets. Jackson does a crappy job of making sure the string channels are deep enough. When I do a lower fret pinch harmonic, the string just slips right out of the channel into the next one down