I remember a while back I saw a guy (was it my brother? I forget) with an awesome Reservoir Dogs t-shirt. It was a stencil of a frame from that scene when Steve Buscemi is lying on the ground pointing a gun at Harvey Kietel who is, again, pointing a gun at Buscemi. I think it said "RESERVOIR DOGS" under the image, but I can't be sure.

Anyone seen this t-shirt or one like it and know where I could get one? Would rather not order online...

Random request, I know, but hey; it is Tarantino afterall.
Yes, I'm perfectly aware of google, thanks for that little insight, but as pointed out in the original request, I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a real-world store, a place I can physically walk into, look at the T-shirt, try it on and pay with bills that have substance. Sorry if I sound harsh, but, I mean, really.
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was it my brother?

Yeah, I saw him wearing it too.
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Anything Tarantino rules. I just bought a "Bad Motherf*cker" wallet from Pulp Fiction the other day
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Banksy > Tarantino.
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Banksy > Tarantino.


Reservoir dogs is shit.
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I think it said "RESERVOIR DOGS" under the image, but I can't be sure.

Well it sure as heck wasn't going to say "PULP FICTION".
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Banksy > Tarantino.

There is a smaller one of those in black and white just up the road. Considering I live in Bristol, it's not really surprising.