I've found somone selling a highway one stratocaster for £439. its the exact colour and fretboard that i want and about £100 cheaper than any others i can find. It is second hand though, but the poster says that the only thing wrong with it is a few blemishes that could't even be picked up by the camera.

I live in london and they live in scotland so playing it first is out of the question.

What are peoples opinions on buying second hand guitars over the internet? any good or bad experiences with it? any input would be very helpful thanks.
Play the thing first but it's usually not an issue.
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personally with guitars im a very "try before you buy" type of guy, but i think with buying second hand over the internet it all depends on a) the site and b) the pictures. is it possible to post a link with pictures so i can see it? and what site are you ordering from?
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I wouldn't buy it unless i try it, and since you cant try it right now, then i guess i'd give it a thumbs down.
(1) Don't buy a guitar you've never played/seen, especially if it's second hand.
(2) The price looks reasonable for a guitar in perfect/almost perfect nick IMO.

Given that it's not a very rare guitar I'd say avoid the risk of disaster, wait for one to come up for sale closer to your home that you can go try out, and good luck.
well it is on ebay, but it says no returns which did worry me a bit
If you search around in here for a thread I wrote https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1238733

It's a bit heavy on the law stuff but this is what's important in a sale. If you have reasonable intelligence you should be able to wade through this stuff with relative ease.

'No returns' does not mean that if the thing is sub-par/quality is deficient etc that you can't demand a refund/repair.
No returns means you can't change your mind and get a refund if everything is fine, rather than if it doesn't meet the description in the ad. You will always run a small risk on eBay - or to be honest with any distance buying - but scrutinize the seller. A seller who is doing it as a career with carefully protected feedback is very unlikely to rip you off and sell you something poor and risk negative feedback. If you are unsure, email them and ask for a close up picture of the defect. If someone was trying to rip you off, why would they draw attention to the defect in the first place?

Ask them if they are happy for you to pay cash on collection. Even if you have no intention of doing so. Someone with something to hide will avoid this, an honest person will be quite happy. There are things you can do to make yourself more feel comfortable.

I've bought 2 cheap guitars on eBay with no problems. But whether the guitar fits you like a glove or not, you will never know without trying it. As a leftie I can rarely compare different guitars anyway so I naturally have an open mind towards internet buying, I should mention that.
Have you played a highway one strat before ?

If you have and liked it then you may be on the right track. Just remember even within the same guitar there are variations in production. The question to ask is do you want to gamble on an EBAY guitar or pay the extra to buy the guitar you test play and like in a shop ?

I would not advise buying a guitar without playing it first as not liking a guitar is not a reason to return it only if it does not fit the description. Good luck