Im wanting to swap the pups in my J5 squier tele. I bought the guitar to play punk, but have joined a jazz/second wave ska band instead. Im wanting a jazzy kinda pickup in the neck and a slightly heavier pickup in the bridge.
Im thinking:
Bridge http://store.guitarfetish.com/hotlialovhug.html
Neck http://store.guitarfetish.com/visphuclfest.html
NOw ive never experienced GFS, they have decent specs on paper and are quite cheap.
Anyone have any experience of these pickups or GFS's quality in general .

I haven't used those pickups in particular...but their VEH and Crunchy Rails are great pickups for the price.
from what ive heard/read, they are fine budget pickups, but arent super fantastic. and their descriptions arent that great. some of the specs in the descriptions make very little sense, are sometimes contradictory, and arent always completly accurate. however, most people like the sound of their pickups, so it isnt all about the specs.

ive bought some stuff from gfs before. the saying, 'you get what you pay for,' doesnt exactly apply, but almost. quality on the stuff i bought is solid, so i feel like i got more than i payed for (a bit). however, the stuff i got isnt like super excellent quality, its just solid. worth buying on a budget? yes. worth buying if you want top quality parts? probably not.

basicly, good products for a very good price.
i had a power rail humbucker from them a while ago and it was fine. not much better than the stock one i replaced it with though. quality was fine but sound/ tone for me was a little disappointing in the since it wasnt much better than what i had originally.

but i came across a little jem that i loved. An Armstrong motherbucker and man it was hot but not so much that it produced a lot of feedback. its like a quadrail design . i paid like 60.00 bucks including shipping new on ebay a few years back
I have a power rail, nice sounding pup for the cost, strong on the bass. Great for doomy stuff.

Id buy again put it like that.

I was gunna go for the liverpool myself actually. Considering theyre cheap, you wont be dissapointed really.