I teach music at a local music shop, and we get lots of pretty old vintage equipment in all the time, from people trading and selling. I noticed an old Charvel that was sitting around for a while, so I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it; the action, the sound, the trem stayed in tune so well without ever going out, the neck and frets played like butter and the pickups screamed pretty well and cleaned up nice, not bad for stock pickups. Well I asked the store owner about it and he couldn't do anything with it so he just up and gave it to me almost a year ago as a gift for teaching there, i don't really know why..he's just a super nice guy and I didn't even ask or anything, he just said I could have it. Whoever had it before me modded it, there's a toggle switch which splits the humbucker into a single coil, but other than that it's still in mint condition and it looks like it's a late 80s era model. I know I made an amazing find though, it was free and it plays better than any other guitar I've played, even top-line Ibanezs. Here's a pic from a vintage catalog I found online and I was wondering if any guitar experts out there could give me any more info about it than what's listed. Thanks

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Dude, lucky you. That sounds totally awesome! Except you forgot to post the pic
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Dude, lucky you. That sounds totally awesome! Except you forgot to post the pic

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