Hey whats up? Went and listened to your band.

It was pretty good stuff. It's definetly got some classic punk elements to it. The drumming was excellent in the recordings.

I thought the strongest songs were "All We Are" The opening/ pre-chorus guitar riffs are rather catchy.

and "Reedemer" the vocal melody is very catchy in this one.

They were all good, but those two really jumped out at me.

Hope this some helps you guys.

You can check out my band in my link below. When I log back in I'll add you guys. If you guys are ever in South Carolina, let us know!

Take care,

Not my kind of music. It sounds to much like everything else. Not ripper enough. IMO I'd say fast solos near the middle and try and make the singing not soo...cookie cutter.
Were always working on new material so I will try to bring more originality to the plate.

Thanks for the feedback dude, really appreciate you taking the time to check it out.
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Reminds me a bit of Alexisonfire. An influence?

Some of our influences were bands like Bayside and Alkaline Trio