Well i just finished restringing my guitar, same brand of strings, same gauge.. same tuning (even tuned, pulled strings up, retuned)

However the first 3 strings now feel loose and the last 3 are tight and if any bend is put on the A string it will slip out of the tuner (wound around twice)

any clue on what the issue is? :S Everything was ok till i changed the strings.. and nothing has changed in terms of nut, bridge etc.
dose it have a trem system and u shuld loosen the higher strings and tune the lower to pitch then bring the higher ones back to pitch
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Have you stretched the strings after putting them on and tuning them to pitch? Tune them to pitch, then pull each string away from the fretboard at the 12th fret, one by one. Don't be too hard on them but not overly gentle either. Then tune to pitch again, and repeat it like three times. They won't go badly out of tune after that.
Anyway, strings shouldn't just slip out of the tuners, especially not the wound ones, try putting them on this way:

Yeah I did the pulling thing and i try to do the wouiding and some it works opthers it doesnt so well.. saying that Ive only restringed around 3 times so hopefully it'll come soon. But now ive done the whole stretch and tune a few times it seems to be alot better. thanks for hte advice.
You're welcome TrueSlawer. I remember when I snapped a brand new bass E string as a kid, I learned it the hard way, lol.
haha ive snapped a few before.. was teh reason i had to restring a while back.. hit the e too hard i guess and it hit me in the face xD (small e thank god)
Make sure everything is on the bridge/nut/whatever properly and in the right slots.
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