My name is Onetake,
Welcome to Project Chronic:

Project Chronic will be the one and only musical offering from self confessed dubfag, Onetake. Project Chronic is both an exceedingly stupid and meticulously regimented form of music production.

Lets begin:

THE GOAL: To release an album of unlistenably poor and cliched dubstep songs.

1. One song must be recorded and uploaded everyday for 10 days.
2. No more than one hour may be spent working per song per day.
3. Everything must be recorded in one take.
4. Once a anything is recorded it cannot be deleted.
5. Software drums are a must, as are actual, real, physical synthesizers.
6. Each song must contain a dubstep 'bass wobble'.

and finally.

7. It must be filthy.

There you have it, Project Chronic. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it...
Though I seriously doubt it.

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