Nothing in your room has got changed or touched
Dust lies on all the things that you have loved
On the window it's written "I miss you"
One who still needs you more than he hoped to

A message with red lipstick on the mirror
Reflecting some of your inner horror

Saying you won't come back, won't come back home

The day I am left without my defense
The day I die, won't make a difference

Do you remember the day when you danced
Over frozen fields in your summer dress
What felt so unfitting in november
The absurdity just matched your beauty

Darks clouds came close shadowing your white skin
Blackenend out anything and any sin
You went on dancing like you were a child
A mind yet without weight, yet without hate

From far behind they yelled you shall return
Cause the edge ain't the right place for a girl
Angry you answered: "How then will i learn?"
Despite their warning you took a look down

Corn and hope are cold and dead, will they ever grow again?
Missing you more than I had, missing you more than I can

Just then the sky collapsed and thunder crashed
Noone was there to hear your frightened scream
You came back slowly as if in a dream
Ev'rything in place but fallen from grace

It was only something wrong with your eyes
Abused to reveal a thousand of lies
Astonished and shocked, abandoned believe
I fear I know, tell me what did you see?

Tell me things I don't want to think or sing about
My hope's gone what happens when I figure it out?

The trees near the field remain my nightmare
The winter forest is a haunted place
That hides and keeps a hundred crimes somewhere
Haven't we all lost enough of our faith

My faith, my heart that once kept love in it
Just rip it right out just get rid of it

Then the truth that you hoped you pushed away
Comes crawling back closer every day

you will never come back, never back home