I was looking at the Peavey Valveking's at Guitar Center the other day and I really want one seeing how my amp is broken. I was wondering, does the 212 sound any better? Or is it just louder. Also, i've heard of many mods for this amp and I was wondering how to do them (lol) as i'm only 15. Thanks.
Seems like you've got your choice pretty precise, although Valvekings are mediocre amps. But I have heard they do sound pretty good with speaker changes.
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From my experience the 212 is not too different form the 112, I have the 112 and it's plenty loud.
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Definately go with the 112. As Jason has said, it will only cost you more to do the necessary modifications to the amp.

As for ease of modification, it goes like this.

I did the speaker swap to the amp by myself at 16. It really isn't difficult - you just need to push the connecting wires together and screw the speaker back into the cabinet. There is nothing else to it.

Mods like the tube swap are also easy to do, although if it is your first time changing tubes it may prove a tiny bit troublesome to get them in and out of the sockets.

The dummy jack and FX loop 'mods' could not be easier. Just plug in your jacks to the inputs, essentially :P. Same goes for adding an OD and EQ to the amp, just plug in and play!

But circuitry mods like the Mesa and JCM mod are beyond me, as is the output transformer swap. I wouldn't even attempt to do it myself. If it was something of interest to me, i would definately send it to a tech.

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