I'm So Sick is hands down their most intense....for a girl, Lacey Mosley can friggin' scream . Personally though, Fully Alive has the most emotional power out of any other Flyleaf song. Also, All Around Me, Again, Beautiful Bride, Missing, and Circle are great as well. Flyleaf makes Evanescence look like The Carpenters, they ROCK
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I really like Cassie. I like the meaning behind a lot of their songs, cos they're really personal.
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Flyleaf is actually from 'round these parts. I saw them live once at the Expo Centre down the road, pretty sick tunes. I'm not usually into "god rock," but she really can scream her head off. Just be careful at the concerts though, their guitarist is not afraid to closeline an overly-agressive fan.
all around me is my fav
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I really like the songs all around me, again, missing, so i thought, im so sick alot of their songs are really deep though and Lacey Mosley can SCREAM so I think theyre pretty sick