can some one help me out here. I want to buy guitars online but i am inexperienced. How do i calculate the shipping fees and does ebay offer buyer protection cause i want to buy a guitar from ebay.Heres the link:

Thats the only store which ships this guitar internationally.
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E-bay does offer buyer protection so no need to worry there. It's USPS that it ships with, so just go on the website and ask. I'd estimate 100 bucks or so since you're in Singapore, but don't quote me. BTW, SWEET GUITAR, I've got one, it's bloody nice.
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Quote by kacper_j
Us $132.75

This however looking at recent feedback the seller has had issues with delivering goods in a prompt manner therefore you are going to have to be cautious. Also if you do go with them you would need to make sure that you have some sort of insurance on the package and that it's going to be secured because you never know how pissed of the person handling your guitar will be.
its always better to try and find the guitar you want in physical form before you buy, however if companies dont supply to your country then it is better to try and find it on an actual online store rather than ebay. I'm from australia (for people that dont know it is actualy quite close to singapore) so i know what its like to be in the situation above. My point is that ebay should be a last resort, and if so then make sure you have a form of insurance on the package
hmm one of my local guitar store is shipping in this guitar...but for roughly 2 times the price....guess ill check it out first
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