I'm interested in buying the Ibanez S570B in white, but when i look online i see that there is also an Ibanez S570DXQM model and S570EX model, all of which seem exactly identical in terms of specs, and the only difference i can see is the colours available. My question is is there any difference between them apart from the finish?

The reason why im asking this is because i can get the S570EX in black for £50 cheaper than the S570B in white, and id be willing to get it in black and put the money saved towards a new amp/new bridge pickup. The S570DXQM is again £50 dearer than the S570B

Thanks in advance
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DXQM has more athestic prettiness but other wise no,

the quilted maple veneer would be too thin to afect the tone before anybody says it will.

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the characters behind the model number reflect the colour scheme / finish.

black is a cheaper paint colour to produce and is also a very popular colour for guitarists therefore it`s reflected in the price of the guitar.
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it makes it brighter.

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