Ok, Im buying my overall 3rd guitar, but its basically my 2nd as I sold my starter guitar.
I basicallt play metal, my other guitar can handle cleans, so this one only has to have a metal tone. 24 frets, NO floyds, dont care about shape, nothing crazy though (I do like Vs), pups have to give a good sound, thats all, I guess they can be changed if I dont like em....

to be honest, Im pretty settled on a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1, and Im planning to go buy it (ive tested it earlier) next wednesday.

So basically, Im just asking, do you think Im missing a big guitar there for the price, and should I seriously buy something else?

Just give me a good guitar, with the requirements (not _exactly_ though) above, for max. 1000e, the Schecter will cost me 720e. (the shop sells it for 830e but my former guitar teachers works there and gave me an offer on paper)

YES...the jackson Slsmg soloist..I am a crazy ibanez fan but if you're going fixed bridge this is the best option..IMO much better than the schecter..man that is one hell of a guitar!

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