So I've heard this technique being used quite a bit and I can't for the life of me work out how to pull it off. It kind of sounds like a slide but I can hear individual 'tapping' noises in it too. Anyone offer any help?

Here's a few examples..

First few seconds.


Something similar here too. Listen to the lead playing just as the drums and power chords come in (Around 0:20).


EDIT: I don't think It's actually tapping, it just sounds like the notes are being tapped.

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I have no idea what that is. Are you sure its tapping at all?
Heres a clip of BFMV's The Poison, it involves tapping with a slide on one of the taps. You can see him doing it in the beginning on the main little riff.


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not too sure where, but they sound a hell of alot like a harmonic run, lightly finger the string (not sure which one in this case) as if to play a harmonic and run the finger along the string (all harmonics) take a listen to the intro to 'heresy' by Pantera, if it sounds the same them it is.
It's neither tapping nor sliding, it's a technique called auto-flanging where you do a series of notes with your fretting hand (usually a simple string of pulloffs or a trill) and lightly run your picking hand across the string so you get a series of fast harmonics.
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