Hey guys

I have been playing guitar for a while now, and saved up abit of cash for a nice tube amp, but i am unsure what amp to get.

I have been looking at the Marshall MA50C, and the Peavey VK112 and 6505+112.

I mostly play classic rock, metal, blues and instrumental stuff, a little bit of jazz now and again.

Can you guys give me your opinions on a good combo tube amp at around the 50watt ish range?

My budget is around £500 ish, i guess i could put out a little more if needed.

You could get the Hiwatt HG50 for around £660 if that's not too much. Not seen any around used yet, so maybe they are keepers.
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The 6505 112 is the best value by far IMO for a NEW amp, great for metal and rock, the cleans suck though.
Out of the three that you mentioned I would personally get the VK, they're not amazing but they're better than Marshall MAs in my opinion, the 6505 is designed for mre heavy stuff, it wont do the blues or jazz very well.

You could look at the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, it might be a little bit over £500, it's got really nice cleans though, so it'll be brilliant for the jazz and blues, it'll get dirty enough for the classic rock (although the distortion isn't very nice), it won't do metal though.

Peavey Classic 30 has got better distortion than the HRD, almost as good cleans, that'll also do everything except for metal, slightly quieter than all the amps mentioned so far though.

Erm, Blackstar HT 20/40? Not bad amps, not the best.

Orange Tiny Terror/Dual Terror? I don't personally like these, you might though.

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You could get the Hiwatt HG50 for around £660 if that's not too much. Not seen any around used yet, so maybe they are keepers.

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