I hope this is the right place for this thread as it's not so much about the tab of the song as just playing it in general...

Anyway, I'm trying to learn Some Might Say by Oasis, but I can't even get past the first bit, not because of the difficulty or anything, but because the song seems to be exactly half a semitone out of tune. As in, I tune my guitar to my effects pedal (well, first I did it by ear but then used the pedal to make sure), and it's fine, but the song sounds absolutely horrible. I'm happy with the tab I'm using, but where it says to play 5th fret, it sounds lower than the song. 6th fret sounds too high. If I bend the string up to where it sounds like the note in the song (and i do have a fairly good ear for tuning), my pedal is still in the tuning mode shows it as being right between a d and a d#. I mean dead on, just where it's about to stop showing a high d and start showing a low d#.

So, does anyone know why the song doesn't seem to be tuned correctly? I've never heard of this being done deliberately, but if it is sometimes, you might have heard of it. I wondered if it might be an issue with the recording (I've heard of people sometimes having versions of other songs which are slightly sped up or something, making it higher) but I checked a video on youtube (hardly a brilliant check... but better than nothing) and the pitch matched the recording I have. If you have the song, it'd be cool if you could see if you agree with me or if it seems I acquired a slightly altered version to the original.

Any ideas?

I know solving it is easy, tune the guitar a quarter step up (but ewww, that will feel dirty). I'm more asking out of curiosity.
Well I know that Baba O'Riley is like a quarter step out or something and I think Stone Bought Bones by The Raconteurs is too? This seems to occasionally happen but I'm not sure why, probably just becaused they tuned to each other and left it at that.
I remember hearing at least one or two AC/DC songs were quarter-step up, same for a Smiths song or two, so it's not unheard of.

Not sure why it's done though
well i know people tune guitars steps down, famously SRV and hendrix did that... but particular strings??? i don't know... it sounds like something the cn*ts in oasis would do however it might just be tuning of 1/4 step up, i have heard of it being done, very rarely i hasten to add and can't think of a particular song off the top of my head sorry, but this might just be another instance of that.
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At one point I was trying to tab out Placebo's Infrared and it also felt like it was tuned less than a semitone off... I guess it happens, whether intentionally or not I have no idea.
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From Wikipedia:
The song has a tuning of A at 455 Hz instead of the standard 440 Hz which is used on live performances. The same special tuning can be heard in the song "Some Might Say".

Very interesting indeed. I wonder why they do it...

I have always wondered what the frequency setting on the tuner is for, it's finally found a use!
Odd. I misread that as 445 rather than 455, and tuned my guitar with that setting. It sounds right, and I can't even put the tuner higher than 445. I'm thinking this is a mistake by wikipedia and the song is in fact tuned with the a at 445Hz.