Right, New song.
But something's wrong with the sound altogether and I can't figure out what it is.
It's not as good as my other stuff but =\

Also, RSE is probably awful for it.

It's just the guitar at the moment.
new song.zip
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Critting as I listen.

Fisrt riff is good. First lead is insane. Good use of high chords and diminished melody on the second riff. Transition riff at 26-34 is pretty cool, another insane lead at 30. The song turns melodic at 42, really nice, and the hamonizing lead are pretty beautifull. 59 is beatifull. The transtion at 82 to the second riff is unexpected, but it's ok. With the next couple of riffs I can clearly see (or hear) that you really like diminished patterns/melodies lol). Goes back to second riff, doesn't sound tiring. Goes back to melodic part and then the solo. Holy ****ing shit, mind blowing insane, great job. Goes back to the melodic riffing/leading harmonization, it flowed pretty well. Doesn't sound tiring. The ending is lovely. Nice job with the song, it is pretty good. 8/10. Now put some bass and drums on it and you will definitely get a 9!

EDIT: Fixed some spelling mistakes lol
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Every guitar at the same timbre (Distortion Guitar) will make the recording sound a bit odd, which may be what you're hearing. Since all the tracks of that instrument (excluding track 1) on guitar pro is the same, a similar frequency is being loaded a bit heavy. A lot of instruments/programmed sounds tend to really load up on the mid-range frequencies (just as a trait of that instrument/programmed sound) despite what note or range you're playing in, so that's likely affecting your sound a lot. Even with the variations you have in the sound, they'll still excite that frequency. On top of that, not having bass and drums is just worsening the problem, because the primary frequency being excited is REALLY coming through. I'd say stick some bass and some drums in there and you'll almost instantly hear a much better sound.
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