But have I finally conjured up the perfect idea?

PRS in 500-800 range and swap pickups for Bare Knuckle pickups either Warpig, Painkiller or Nailbomb.

I thought about deans, esps, any guitar with EMGs, caparison even, parker, schecters, but PRSs are sexy. Few questions

1) Does this sound like a good idea?
2) Can PRS do metal?
3) How does the quality of a mid range priced PRS compare to the higher end ones?
4) Are BKP the way to go as far as swapping pickups?
5) I REALLY wanna know the answer to 2 (secret not a question-question)

Any help appreciated. Btw I play Metal, see sig for what I would use with the PRS.
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With the right amp and pickups there's no reason a good solid bodied PRS of a suitable tonewood wouldn't do metal.
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PRS will absolutely do metal. i don't know if i'd personally go with BKP. over here in the US they're just too expensive. they've all sounded great from what i've heard, but just not worth the insane prices. if you're in europe though i say absolutely.

and i've had one of the PRS SE guitars and it was flawless. definitely a good deal.
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