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"Come on in. You want something to drink?". Brian looked at his friend with a half asleep/half drunk expression on his face, his eyelids heavily hanging down, threatening to close completely at any minute.

"Sure, if you wanna share some of that Jack". Kevin looked at him, expecting his friend to fall asleep on his feet at any moment.

"Be my guest. Just don't drink it all".

After watching Kevin down a few shots of the whiskey sitting on the computer desk, Brian took the bottle, recapped it, and drunkenly helped lug his Marshall halfstack in through the door, clumsily knocking a few dents in the door jam. Since there were plenty of places to sit and standing in this state would prove rather tricky at the moment, they both decided to take a seat on top of their amps, Kevin on top of his Marshall with the head on the floor, and Brian on his Fender box amp. Since no one was home and it was the middle of the afternoon, they decided the proper volume level would be all the way up.

Within a minute or so, the two guitarists, both in their early 20's were in sync with eachother, trading off riffs and complimenting the other's solos. Since Brian's soloing hadn't progressed as far as Kevin's yet, he settled for being the rhythym section which he was perfectly fine with as he considered himself more of a rhythym player, focusing almost entirely on his riffs and keeping time rather than trying to bust out a face melting solo any chance he got.

Their practice session went on for what seemed like forever, the songs transitioning from one to the next almost seemlessly. They blazed through maybe a dozen or so Metallica songs, including Master Of Puppets, Through The Never, Sad But True, and For Whom The Bell Tolls, transferred into some decently heavier material like Behemoth, Machine Head, Deicide, and Dethklok, and toned it down near the end of their session with some of Alice In Chains' more acoustic material, along with some original songs they've written together. No matter where one of them went, the other seemed to be reading their mind and followed pretty much perfectly. Granted there were a few screw ups here and there, but nothing so severe that it completely screwed up the flow. They barely even spoke the entire time, letting the music take control. Brian and Kevin truly did compliment eachother perfectly as a guitar duo. When they got together and really got down to business it was as if they were the only two people existing at that moment in time.

Brian looked at the clock when they were winding down and actually starting to tire out for once, it was almost 10 pm! They lost track of time yet again, as they always do when they practice. They decided to end on a high note and go with something with a lot of energy, something that had kind of a groove to it, something that would leave them both wanting to practice more and more until they literally could read eachother's minds. Brian sat there for a few seconds before he thought of anything to suggest.

"Hmm, wadda ya think we should finish with, dude?" Kevin looked at Brian, the sweat beading down his forehead and into his eyes, forcing him to wipe his brow on his shirt sleeve.

"How about Perfect Insanity? I know you love Disturbed just as much as me"

"Nice. Alright, let's do it up."

About halfway into the song, maybe a little bit before Kevin launched into the solo, someone started banging on the door rather loudly. They didn't hear it at first because of how loud their amps were, but in a short break in the main riff to the song Brian heard it, along with someone screaming at the top of their lungs to open the door. They sounded pissed. Brian stopped playing first, putting his Ibanez down gently so as not to damage it. Kevin looked at him with a puzzled look for a second before hearing the commotion. He put his Jackson down on the padded chair next to him and got up, following his friend over to the door as he opened it.

"OPEN THE DOOR, MOTHER F*CKER!" This was what Brian was greeted with as he opened the door in a haze. It took a second for the rather angry man to register in his mind who he was, but when he recognized him as Jess's boyfriend he straightened up immediately.

"What the f*ck, Johnny? You gonna pick up the pieces of my door when you're done smashing it down?" Brian was starting to get angry himself, as he didn't really appreciate meat heads bashing on his door at 10 at night.

"You been talking to my girl, motherf*cker?" Johnny stood there in a rage, his fists balled up and his face turning beet red. Brian could have sworn he saw steam seeping from every orifice on his head. A quick look over Johnny's shoulder revealed a cowering female figure. Brian recognized her immediately as Jessica, and he also recognized a rather large black and blue circle around her right eye as a sign of yet another one of their "disagreements". This pissed him off more than someone almost knocking down his door.

"Hey, she called me over to talk to her. She just wanted talk and to let me know she thought my playing sounded good. I'd hardly think a compliment or two is reason to get roid rage"

"You stay the f*ck away from her, you little sh*t! She's my girl, you got that?!"
Johnny was only getting angrier by the second as he shoved his index finger in the middle of Brian's chest in an attempt to intimidate him. This whole time, Kevin just stood behind his friend, not saying a word, yet ready to back him up in a heartbeat should things get out of hand.

"Don't touch me, asshole. You wouldn't like the outcome."

"Oh yeah, and what's a piece of sh*t like you gonna do 'bout it?"

"How about I beat you senseless like you do every night to Jess to make your dick feel big?"

"What'd you just say?"
Johnny's words suddenly went from being screamed to a state of hushed anger.

"You heard me, f*cker. Don't think no one knows you hit her. I can hear you screeching into the driveway at 2 in the morning after coming home from the bar with your meat head buddies. I can hear you screaming at Jess at 3 am, and I can also hear her pleads for you to stop, and when she cries herself to sleep after you hit her for being a 'coniving little c*nt'. You're a piece of f*cking trash, Johnny, and that's all you'll ever be." Now it was Brian's turn to get angry as he balled his fists up and raised them into a slightly defensive position so as to be ready for any incoming punches but also not revealing his intentions should Johnny catch on to what he was doing.
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I had to split this into 2 parts because it said it was too long.

"Johnny, come on, let's go. Don't do this". Jess pulled on her boyfriend's arm in a vain attempt to get him to leave.

"Alright, p*ssy, let's go! Right now! I've had enough of your sh*t!"

Ripping his arm from his girlfriend's grasp and backhanding her on purpose in the process sending her tumbling to the ground, Johnny threw a weak right hook at the man standing before him, only to have him duck and tackle him to the ground. Johnny may have been jacked up on steroids, resembling a shorter version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his hayday, but this by no means gave him any knowledge on how to fight, much less throw a proper punch. It seems all his effort had been concentrated simply on making his muscles bigger rather than on how to use them in a fight.

He did have considerable strength though, as he rolled over, flinging Brian and Kevin off of him who had jumped on him the second he hit the ground. In addition to not knowing how to defend himself, he now had two agressors at his heels. A quick uppercut to his jaw from Brian sent him stumbling backwards into kevin's grasp who put him in a full nelson as his friend continued to pummel him. A properly demonstrated left hook from Brian connected with Johnny's left eye, almost immediately inflaming it and causing it to turn purple within a few seconds.

A lucky shot from Johnny landed in Kevin's gut and momentarily dazed him as he tried to catch his breath, but this also only opened him up to take a heavy hit from Brian directly in the throat. This proved to be his undoing as he collapsed to the gorund, smacking his forehead first on the crossbar to the chain link fence, then on the cement of the horseshoe shaped driveway as he fell to the ground, effectively incapacitating him.

Brian didn't care that his assailant was down for the count though. All he saw was an opening to jump on top of him and start beating him even more senseless. It only went on for a minute or so before the police cars came screaming up the street and one of the officers he had known his entire life bolted out of his patrol car and dragged him off the beaten and broken man underneath him. In all the commotion he never saw Jess dial 911.

"Brian, that's ENOUGH! He's done!" The police officer holding him back from fatally beating Johnny had to use all his strength to subdue the drunken man in his arms, before he finally gave up after a minute or so of struggling.

"Thanks, Mike. I probably would have killed him if you didn't show up. Who called you anyway?"

"His girlfriend. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. He came on your parents property and you defended yourself. There's nothing illegal about that."

"I couldn't give a f*ck if I did get in trouble anyway. I just wanted the chance to take that piece of sh*t down a few pegs."
Brian sat on the ground as he watched Johnny get put in handcuffs and more or less carried to a second patrol car.

"You should go see if your friend's ok, he looks kinda out of it. We'll take care of sh*t stain there. Just try not to get yourself in anymore trouble, ok? All that paperwork piles up after a while". Brian watched the police officer he had known pretty much since birth give the other two that had shown up a hand with throwing Johnny in the back of his car and sped off to book him for the night.

In the whole chain of events that had just transpired, Brian had completely forgotten Jess was even there. Before going over to her, he made sure Kevin was ok as his friend went inside to get a drink and sit down for a little bit. Walking over to Jess, he sat down on the lawn next to her and put his arm around her as she started to sob uncontrollably.

"Hey, you gonna be ok?" As Brian sat down with her, Jess lurched at him and wrapped her arms completely around him, crying into his shirt.
Question not yourself. Challenge those who would deny you your true self for an independent thinker is the greatest enemy to those who seek to control you
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Question not yourself. Challenge those who would deny you your true self for an independent thinker is the greatest enemy to those who seek to control you