I am in a ska/punk band and I need a new guitar thats affordable, because my Squier Bullet is giving too much feedback.

My equipment:

Fender Squier Bullet
Raven 100H head and RG412 cab.

Thanks, Cody
u could just get a noise supressor? but if not esp makles some good guitfiddles wuts ur price range
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
Noise supressor should work, a lot less money if you like the tone of your strat. But that guitar isn't exactly great. + Cort do nice guitars on the cheap, i'd look there.
A noise supressor (also called noise gate) is a pedal that you can set and it takes away the 60 cycle hum from your strat when set right and it reduces feedback.
Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noise_gate
Guitar Center link:

PS this should be in the electric guitar forum but oh well. Here's a guitar center link to guitars around your price range
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Alright, I need a new guitar anyway, something that has a lighter tone.

What do you mean "lighter" tone?
Quote by codybiroth
Alright, I need a new guitar anyway, something that has a lighter tone.

A lighter tone? what?
im going to guess that most of the feedback is from the amp, ive heard people having problems with raven amps. Maybe try a new yet cheap amp?

If youre a biginner something like a Peavey Vyper is supposed to be good!
What I mean is, like, when I play some of my friends guitars it sounds darker and heavier.
TS, with that amp regardless you're going to need a noise suppressor. It has terrible reviews and I've played with something similar at a guitar shop once upon a time.
get this, http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-NS-2-Noise-Suppressor-Pedal-151331-i1545036.gc

and this

You'll be good for a long time.
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Look for some kind of brand name guitar. Cort guitars usually end up at the pawn shop to collect dust next to odd brand name guitars that nobody has heard of. Ibanez, Jackson, BC Rich, Dean make some good guitars within your price range easy.
No one can really recommend a guitar without knowing more about what you want in a guitar.
Quote by codybiroth
Alright, I need a new guitar anyway,

I agree. The bullet series is a starter guitar. If you are at the point of jamming with a band you need better quality. The basic thing to recommend, is figuire your budget, go to a shop and try different guitars within the budget range.

Or, since you have a strat, if you like the strat, check into a higher grade strat like a Mexican made one. You can find good deals on one used.

I don't know anything about your amp model but a better guitar is called for. Good luck.
I'm guessing your friends guitars are mahogany bodied or a similar wood. Something like Alder will give you a brighter, 'lighter' sound than mahogany. Maybe look at some alder bodied guitars. Jackson should make some decent ones in your price range, or maybe a used Mexican Strat? Do you want humbuckers or single coils?
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