Hi guys,

Yesterday I took the entire pickguard including the pickups, pots etc from my fender standard mexican that I modified last year, and put it on my squier infinity strat.

I also installed a push pull in the outside tone pot which would let me use the bridge or neck in series or all three in series depending on which position the selector switch is in.

I used this diagram

The only problem is the neck pickup is barely audible right now, while the brige and middle pickups are working fine even with the switched pulled and in series mode.

There is also barely an sound in the mid+neck position in series or parallel.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?
I'm pretty sure I followed the diagram exactly, so maybe it's not grounded properly or something, I have a fuse tester that I might be able to use to test connections but I need some help to pin point the problem.

Any ideas are appreciated

I just desoldered the wires grounded to the trem so I could take the pickguard off to see what was wrong and somehow in doing so, it fixed itself. I regrounded it to the trem and everythings working fine now.
No idea what the problem was, seems like the only thing I did was burn my finger

Thanks anyways