This song is a SKELETON. I wrote it today at work, and I need to add more lyrics and drums and all, but please let me know what you think of this small sample of the song that I have uploaded.

OH! And lyrics.

Verse 1:
There's a glass on the counter,
Sitting on red napkins

That were bought on the road
When we were always driving

On a highway built by inmates,
That no one can remember

We drink pineapple wine
Every night with our dinner
Verse 2:
Sipping on the fruit of life,
Taken from the trees

In between the mangroves and the men with deadly knees

Stands a waitress calmly serving,
Any man who passes by

But the only thing they order is her pineapple wine.

Can you recall, the last time you've seen us alllllllllllll

Can you remind me, of the last time we sat and talkeddddd
So sit down,
And take another sip
Of your pineapple wine
Just touch the glass to your lips
And realize, what you never understood
About the world and all the tiny things that make your life good
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