i'm looking at getting an Epiphone Les Paul Standard but i cannot decide between these 2 deals:



i love the Honeyburst but i play the heavier rock stuff so Black would look the part more and it's also cheaper, but then the Honeyburst altogether looks so much nicer.

Someone help!
150 more just for a change in finish? Damn.

Normally I'm against black guitars, but this is kinda stupid. I'd get the black.

The only way I'd get the honeyburst is if the other one was disgusting, but it's not. It's just black.
wtf dude? if you like the look of the other one go for it!
Better to go ahead with it rather than regretting it later.
Oh...my bad....how the hell did i do that one? lol.

50 isn't as bad as i thought XD go for the honeyburst.

DAMN and I have a physics Exam on monday...I'm screwed...

-goes to play more guitar-
Get whichever you want more. It's a freaking color issue - not exactly worth writing about.
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