Hi, I'm selling my Les Paul because I've basically stopped playing guitar and I need to buy a car. I bought it new about four years ago. The guitar has a fair amount of blemishes and needs a little electrical work with the rhythm pickup (only works 65% of the time), but it's heavily discounted. Also, one of the tone knobs just keeps turning, it doesn't stop, although it still works. Will ship to any of the lower 48. PM me for serial number or to answer any questions.

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(Progressive Metal is) like playing Nirvana, but faster, with little or no powerchords, cleanly, with more technique, and complex time signatures.

do u still have the guitar. interested in a trade for a tube amp. i got a carvin legacy vl-100 or a bugera 6260 with matching cab. let me know maybe we can work a deal. I like both amps but i like les pauls more, and i never owned a good one. so let me know.