i find ernie ball strings combined with gibson style guitars sound very good, especially playing rock. i use ernie ball regular slinky 10's on my epiphone sg and it sounds pretty damn good
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Ernie Ball, Heavy bottom slinky top. Can't go wrong.

Yes Ernie Ball's are Great. Also try the D'addario Elixir or whatever they are called they're pretty good too.
Normal D'addario's are very loud acoustically but they are overly bright IMO
It is my belief that picks/strings are about as personal as it gets. Try out lots, and find what works for you!

I personally am very fond of Dean Markley .12 and Tortex 1.14 for the picks. Took me quite a few years to get to that combination, but I don't see myself changing it anytime soon.

Still get a new pick now and then, just to try changing it up.
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