ive had my eyes on two fender amps. which one do you guys perfer? the deluxe 90 or the blues jr.
i play punk rock, like green day blink 182 etc.
i also play some worship/ clean stuff and some but very little jazz

The two are very differently voiced. The Deluxe is going to be a lot cleaner, shinier, and glassier. The Blues Jr. is grittier, and has a lot more lower end.

I have Blues Jr. and love it, but personally you have to choose.
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so are you saying the blues jr is better for punk rock? also would a marshall valvestate be better for my style?
The blues junior is great for a naturally overdriven sound (the old fashioned way) there is no drive channel. To overload it you can keep the master knob low, and the volume knob high.

I would alway keep a good overdrive pedal handy In case the natural, very bluesy overdrive sound isn't enough.

It does have an amazing amount of sound for 15 watts.
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Classic punk is a Fender Twin turned up until your ears bleed, ie. power tube breakup. The Deluxe can't do the same thing. The Blues Jnr will get you pretty close, just crank that sucker
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is a 30 watt tube amp enough to hear over drums etc?

Depends maninly on the drummer and the specific amp. It'll Definately get over them, if he's a very aggressive drummer it might not be 100% clean. Ofc it varies depending on a lot of factors...