Ok im in a band switch through line ups, but im in it to stay, and I need to beef up my rig as much as possible

I have a
. Epi EB-0 rewired to 60's gibson specs
. 1999 Fender MIM Jazz bass, with S 1 switch mod and hot stack pups, 500k pots
. squier P Stock

My amp is a Fender BXR 200 (idk much about it but it was big and cheap)

I use a original big muff and a tu-2 sometimes.

Right now were a shoe gazey garage punk style music.

I have GAS bad, and so I can't decide if i should get a nicer amp (this one though loud and big, is very cheesy sounding), a new bass, or the SansAmp preamp thing, I saw a youtube vid but i don't know much about it, but it sounded amazing.

Any ideas or amp advice/info would be great~
I'd say the amp is the weakest link there.
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You're basses look fine, and as long as they're playable and you don't want a greater number of strings, then upgrade the amp.
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Whats a good amp for around $400-800? and I don't want a tube amp. don't ask why I'll get flamed
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Whats a good amp for around $400-800? and I don't want a tube amp. don't ask why I'll get flamed

You won't get flamed. Most bassists aren't looking for a tube amplifier. There aren't many of them out there and they all cost a f@cking fortune.

I suggest the Carvin amplifiers. In particular, these two:



Beyond those, look at Acoustic's B600H, SWR's WorkingPro 400 and Markbass' F1 500-watt amp.
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What about cabs...? TS, would you want a stack or combo amp?
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Im small time now, and combos just seem easier, but maybe in the future a stack would be cool. as for the tube thing, I just dont see it as a good option maybe on guitar, but they are so heavy and expensive. and the player is really the only person who cares if it's tube or solid. also I try to keep my opinions quiet cause, they clash with most people and I need advice.
Amps are usually the most important part of any rig (imo), so that would be your first port of call. Convenient then, that your amp appears to be the weakest part of your current rig anyway.

What amp you should replace it with is completely up to you, but I could recommend checking out Ampeg. But as with everything, each to his own.
Amp indeed. You could go for a 2x10 combo, and when you want to go bigger in a couple of years you can add a 115 or 410 cabinet to it.

Brands that I have good experience with are: Ampeg, Ashdown and Hartke.

Oh, something small, you could put a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound in your Squier P. I did it too and it has more balls now
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Acoustic have a half stack on offer right now for less than $500
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Acoustic have a half stack on offer right now for less than $500

I'd advice against it. It's just 200 watts IIRC, it would be a better idea to get a good combo for that price and it would be more powerful. Or... he could save up a little more and get a better halfstack