Okay so I'm going crazy picking out a good amplifier for the kind of music I wish to play, which at the moment seems to be an amalgation of Extreme Metal, post-rock, alternative, and progressive. My eye has been fixed on laney amps for a little bit however I have heard little to nothing about them. All I know is my two favorite bands (Opeth and Agalloch) use them...
What are your opinions on Laney Amps? What are their perks/downfalls? How do they compare to other amps? What style might they excell/fail in? Thank you guys.
Usually these amps are used for a british sounding rock tone. But there do seem to be alot of metalheads using them. But these amps are some of the cheapest brand name all valve amps around, so it would be a good bang for your buck.

But you really have to go to ur local music shop and try out EVERY amp in your price range. And if you have the cash to buy it then and there... they will definatly let you do it.

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Personally, I'v never used one, but Iommi does and he has Godly tone.

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good value in the UK. You can get better if you spend the really big bucks, but (in the UK anyway) they're hard to beat at the price they go for. (i'm talking about their tube amps, I haven't tried their ss stuff)
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Laneys rock. The GH100TI is my favourite high gain amp.
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Their lower gain amps are based on the vintage vox amps which, on their own, don't do well for metal but they take pedals very well and even the low gain ones can be made to sound high gain with the right pedal. The high gain amps don't get the great cleans that the lower gain ones get but they still get a vox(ish) clean tone and then you get the great high gain too. If you are after British tone then Laney is a very good way to go and probably gives you the most bang for your buck if you live in Europe. If you want American tone then Laney isn't the way to go.