How do these cabs sound. I am thinking of buying the 2x12 cab with v30 speakers for $224. Seems like a great deal to me. I play metal: iron maiden metallica and megadeth. Would vintage 30's or celestion speakers be better for what I play?
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You can get a good (not great) sound out of almost anything. You just can't crank those cheap cabs up to 11 and expect them to last. Before someone says "save up your money...." we don't always have that option / patience so we make do with what we have.

A friend of mine plays a cheap Ibanez thru a Behringer top/cab and gets compliments all the time until people find out what he's playing thru and then the conversation dries up.
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You can find better if you're willing to go used..
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Yeah they have V30's, they seem to be alright i mean this guy uses one

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yeah v30s would be pretty good for that.

i haven't tried the hb cab, though.
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