I just graduated high school and have all the time in the world now to focus on guitar. I've looked at a few books at Amazon, but none look too appealing. Can someone recommend me a good guitar theory book? I do have basic knowledge of theory(building scales, building chords from scales, notes on fretboard, etc) so I need something that can last me a while and get me going a good bit.

I also got myself a free metronome and I'll be building myself a practice schedule with exercises on various techniques, so maybe a book with technique help too.

Also is Guitar World magazine worth subscribing to?

Current budget is only $25 and has to be from Amazon or Ebay, but I could work towards getting more money if needed.
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The Guitar Grimoire - Carl Fischer

That is an amazing book with all the scales you'll ever need

Major minor hungarian minor melodic minor harmonic minor, the list goes on and on

That is, if you want to know all the scales though