I know this about my twentieth thread on the subject, but I've never really had a good answer.

Anyway, I've been thinking about buying a new strat since I'm dissatisfied with my current one but have played plenty I haven't. It's an old 2003 MIM Standard, everything stock except the wiring and pots and all that(Not sure about the pickups. Clean they sound different than other MIM's, but that could be the wiring. The pickups aren't actually too bad though.), including the tremolo. I always hear people say that a steel one completely recreates the guitar tonally and gives it much more stability, and the main two things I've been unhappy with it is that the notes turn to mush when you throw on that much gain, and the G likes to hop out of tune a few steps at a time. With what people say, a steel trem block should fix this, and as I've really been falling into love with Billy Gibbons' playing and tone lately, if a $30 modification can make it a great strat, I'd really prefer to put the money towards a Les Paul of some sort.

tl;dr, I'm considering buying a new strat, but I'd like a Les Paul, and people say the problems that I'm having are because of the old zinc tremolo block. Will a $30 fix really make it more stable and stay clear on higher gain(Higher gain not even being that much; higher gain being a tubescreamer with the gain dimed), or is it the guitar, not the tremolo?

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cant hurt to try, can it? 30 bucks isn't all that much money, if all goes wrong, you can always return the part or sell it on ebay too.
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the G-string going out of tune thing is through not stringing the instrument properly...

But those vintage fender trems aren't known for staying in tune.
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In my various Strat bridge and Floyd testing, I am struggling to tell a difference between various sustain blocks. Unless a block is really, really small then it doesn't seem to make much difference, and even if it is a tiny block it seems to just hurt sustain more than it effects the actual tone and clarity.

I wouldn't bother changing. Get the LP you want first. A new sustain block on your Strat isn't going to make it magically stay perfectly in tune all the time nor will it revolutionise your tone. It certainly won't make it a substitute for a Les Paul. Getting another Strat also won't really help, since stock Strat bridges tend to suck until you hit the MIJ/MIA models, which is a fair chunk of money to spend on something that [i[]might be better for you.
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to Mr. Flibble: i thought the same thing. then i realized he meant blocking the trem, not getting a new trem block. i just watched a video on the difference between a charvel before and after changing to a big brass trem block, so i kind of had trem block on the brain i guess

anyway blocking it off may help. floydupgrades.com has a really cool thingy used for blocking tremolos. sounds like it may be the same thing you're looking at if it's around $20 or $30.
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i think the sustain block is just sustain, as flibble says.
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too much gain and stock single coils thru a stock blues junior will sound mushy.

if the g falls out of tune, lube contact points string better, and / or put the $30 towards locking tuners.

or get the guitar you really want.

i think you're stuck in a hole with this topic.
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