Why do you want me gone?
After all I’ve done for you,
Stuck by you and helped you through those times,
What did I do? To make you want me gone,
To make you want me gone

I know I’ve made mistakes, but so have you,
Not everyone, can be perfect like you want us to,
Sometimes, you gotta settle with what you got,
Guess I just wasn’t what you thought.

You, I thought of you,
When I was down and out,
But then you left me, for anything you could find,
I don’t get it this time.

Whatever happened to the times we shared?
The times where we were on top of the world,
Just you and me, and nobody else,
It seemed to be the only thing that I could live for,

Now that it’s all gone, its time to move on,
Though the pain will remain, I will not bow down,
I will remain strong throughout,
You cannot put me down.

first ever post in here guys, i know im not a very good songwriter at all, i want tips on how to write way better than what i am now, which seems to be right on the spot stuff, never revised or edited since i dont know what to look for anythin. i started writing for fun when i picked up guitar, now its become a hobby/passion that i like just i want to improve so i know my skill has improved enough that i can be proud of wat i write, any tips on placing guitar behind songs also would be nice, seein as i cannot think of ways to do that. thanks for any help.