Well I've had the amp for a few weeks now (bought it on ebay for $450) but I was waiting on the cab to play it.. (it was unbearable.) and I thought I would post it all in one uber thread But it's finally here!!

First up: The Amp

Peavey XXX 120 Watt Head
Stock tubes, I'll pry get around to changing them for EL34's soon. But they sound pretty damn good anyways. The cleans are better than I suspected, but nothing really special. I love the crunch channel. It has the perfect amount of gain for my hardrock/metallish tone, and the Ultra channel is very clear. Crank it and it screams.

Everyone knows the stock faceplate is atrocious but the one that the previous owner had was not much better; some metal grate thing with a terribly fake XXX logo on it. Basically I just took a clear piece of Lexan and drilled holes in it. And I added a 15 inch LED bar (I can change the colors ) wired to a 9V battery and a switch that I put in to the Lexan. I like it.

Pics! The pics are really big soo yea..

Next Up: The Cab

Custom AB Audio Custom 2x12 Slanted Cab
*Convertible Back*
*White Tolex*

I custom ordered this from Jesus at Custom AB Audio and I am very impressed with how this cab looks. Very professional, very affordable. Sounds great. Altogether it costed me a little over $200 shipped. I loaded it with a WGS Veteran 30 and WGS G65 speakers and although they arent broken in yet they still produce a very good sound.


Next Up: Pedalboard / 2 new pedals!

Okay first the pedalboard; basically its a piece of plywood that I cut to size and spray painted black. With a little shelf made of an old computer desk (thing). I covered it in in velcro from lytpedalboards.com and duct taped the bottom for grip. Not the best probably but it certainly works well enough for me.. Plus I built it so it makes me happy

Pic before I got the velcro on

The Pedals

Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer: You'll see in the photos a blue LED light. It just got back from the "ultimate mod" from Stan at www.tonebias.com you can visit his website for info on the mod. It sounds fantastic.

Dunlop GCB-95 Original Crybaby Wah: It's a great wah, but it's biggest drawback was the tonesuck if it was not modded for true bypass.. so I sent it in with my tubescreamer to Stan @ tonebias and he modded that for me too. He also added a blue LED light so you can see when the whammy is on or not. Thanks a lot to Stan.


The whole thing!!

I'm pretty happy with all the new gear. I got some new pedals on the way also. Decimator G-string / MXR 10 band EQ/ GFS tuner ill post when they arrive also.

Cheers guys.
that's a real nice looking 212. how thick is the wood? nice hard thump when you knock it? His name is really Jesus?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Quote by AcousticMirror
that's a real nice looking 212. how thick is the wood? nice hard thump when you knock it? His name is really Jesus?

ty. I would say the wood's at least about a good inch or so thick. I haven't knocked on it but I imagine it would make a good thump hah. Yea his name is Jesus. but I'm pretty sure its pronounced "hey zues"..
nice deal on the XXX. very nice looking cab as well.

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
Thanks guys. Yea the XXX was 450 shipped so i was pretty happy. But it just started making this strange buzzing sound... when i turn it on it will make the sound for about 2 seconds and go away, then come back every 10 seconds or so. It still sounds great.. but wtf is this buzzing sound?? I WANT IT GONE!!!

I have a XXX combo on the way, great amp imo, and well done on the pedalboard. Maybe its your cables that are causing the buzzing?

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Thx m8. Yea I'm gonna have a tech check the amp anyways, just to be safe. and if everything clears out I'm just gonna buy new cables. I have shitty cables anyway and maybe it was just a weird coincidence one of them crapping out when my XXX got here.'

Edit: Nice on the XXX combo. I almost bought one myself. but I fell in love with my cab.