Hey guys,

Recently, I've decided that windows XP is becoming a little irritating, and I can't afford to buy the latest version, so I've been considering Ubuntu. I've used it a little bit before, until my external HDD get wiped, so I have a fair idea of how to use it. But I was wondering whether it was good for anything that I do, ie. Music (listening, and in future, recording) graphics (ie. photoshop, paint etc.) and light gaming (old stuff). Do any of you have experience with Ubuntu, and if so, is it capable of the mentioned activities?

I've been using Ubuntu for a while, but since I have a Xbox 360 I don't use it to game, although you can run a bunch of games using Wine (and other available compatibility layers), for audio, I don't know much though there are some available softwares (especially on the Ubuntu Studio version, which comes on a Live DVD), for Graphic, well, you got Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, etc. I have a friend who can run Photoshop CS4 (cracked version) with Wine. Ubuntu is a great OS especially the most recent version, it is sad that it doesn't have the whole bunch of programs you can have with Windows, but you know, life is life lol

EDIT: For listening to music, there is a very awesome program called Banshee, that, in my opinion, is far superior to Windows Media Player and iTunes (it even supports your iPod)
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For listening to music there is a plethora of excellent software for you to choose from.

Gaming is a no-no though.
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Don't get sucked in my people telling you to use WINE for Windows programs. Not all of them work, and even the ones that work have problems. Ubuntu has a massive range of audio programs for listening, but you might be tough pushed to find decent ones for recording. GIMP is a good replacement for Photoshop, works well. Gaming is a straight no though.
Ubuntu Studio and give up on games when using any non windows system?

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not good for gaming, but lots of stuff for audio and graphics. (why not dual boot, leave space for your games on xp and do everything else in linux)

ubuntu studio might be good for you too
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You can't game on Ubuntu. You can play games, but you can't play them properly.