Measure 43 - 57 is godly, I really like it. Even though I normally hate Deathcore this was really good. Im wondering, will your vocalist growl or scream in this song?
Thankyou again! haha.
he's more of a growler.
you can check us out here


although the stuff on the page is VERY old.
we're changing to the style you just heard for the EP.

thankyou again
Pretty basic deathcore. It has it's own deathcoreish feeling. Fresh deathcore, all I can say. I'm not fan of deathcore really so can't give much feedback, it sounds like pure deathcore. I can image brutal vocals over it.
This is actually really cool. Everything sounds unique (at least as far as deathcore is concerned) and it sounds like it'd be very mosh-y if played live. The opening breakdown riff, and the breakdown at bar 78 were absolutely ball crushing. I like the second sliding octave riff at bar 154, but change the harmony that comes in. That was more annoying than anything. The part with the picked octaves at bar 170 sounded pretty Whitechapel-ish to me. The only part that bugged me is bar 185-186. No transition whatsoever, and in this case, it doesn't work. This is overall pretty cool. Fix up the problem areas and you'll have a badass piece of work.
Bro, this is amazing. When u record it. please please please email me at giventotherising@hotmail.com

with a link or somthing

Only afew minor sugestions. at 162. dont add in the harmony. but if u do. add in the Slayer harmony. the same one in the Regin in Blood riff.

Also. the ending is incredily lame. you can surly do somthing better?
BKGmorley, thankyou dude!
i'll be sure to give you a shout when the Ep is recorded!.

I'll try that, and as i said before.
it is still fairly rough.
i'll put up a finished version when its all done!
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I was a bit unsure on the direction of the piece with that intro, sounds very different - it's good you're creating your own unique sound. Sounds pretty cool overall, I could see this being a energetic live piece.
The octave part is very cool, many artists have used this technique but it fits very well here - good idea.

I would love to hear this recorded, would be interesting to see how you interpret it when doing so. Keep it up!

the breakdown at bar 186 is literally whitechapel. check unnerving by them, only difference is theirs is better lol
I don't get why anyone would say that the song was unique. If anything it is the opposite. While it wasn't bad, it sounds just like whitechapel.
ah, yell0h frend.
we had this song written before A new era was released.

yes it does sound like whitechapel, they are a big influence.
we're not ripping off any riffs though.
its just a sound we like.